Depth Study - Christianity


Course Outline - Learning Preparation

Syllabus - Depth Study Christianity

Christianity 22 indicative hours

The focus of this study is the contribution of significant people, ideas, practices and ethical teachings to an understanding of Christianity as a living religious tradition. The study of Christianity is to be of the WHOLE tradition where applicable.


A student:

H1 explains aspects of religion and belief systems

H2 describes and analyses the influence of religion and belief systems on individuals and society

H4 describes and analyses how aspects of religious traditions are expressed by their adherents

H5 evaluates the influence of religious traditions in the life of adherents

H6 organises, analyses and synthesises relevant information about religion from a variety of sources, considering usefulness, validity and bias

H7 conducts effective research about religion and evaluates the findings from the research

H8 applies appropriate terminology and concepts related to religion and belief systems

H9 coherently and effectively communicates complex information, ideas and issues using appropriate written, oral and graphic forms.


Please refer to your Workbook for this information

Glossary of Key HSC Terms
HSC Syllabus - Christianity
Dept Study HSC Questions – Christianity, Judaism, Islam
Ethics - Verbs
Introduction to Ethics
Christian Ethical Principles
Writing Task – Christian ethical principles
Ethical Sources - Bioethics
Writing Task – Outline teachings on bioethics
Writing Task – Explain Bioethics
Writing Task – Different aspects of bioethics
Christian Ethical System
Religion & Ethics – powerpoint handout
Ethics – A detailed explanation
Writing Task – Describe Christian Marriage
Marriage - mindmaps
Writing Task – Describe the importance of Marriage
Marriage - mindmaps
Writing Task – Demonstrate
Significance of Marriage
Writing Task – Demonstrate the relationship
Writing Task – Analyse significance
The Marriage Ceremony
Biblical Focus of Marriage
Marriage and Divorce
Sacred Writings – Christianity & Judaism || Powerpoints, Keynotes, Podcasts - Significant person - Paul




Discussion about Christian marriage.

General Links to Christianity